Turning 19


Oh hello, this is my first post as a nineteen year old. Well, in fact, I’ve been 19 for about 5 days now. The age 19 is like that awkward year whereby the excitement of becoming 18 has died down and deep down inside of you, you know you’re not ready to enter the “big” 2_s stage yet.

Our celebration was simple this year, had a mini party at Xin Er’s place with a small group of our friends: just how I like it.


Thank you so much for dropping by girls:) Even though two of yall actually live on the other side of the country T_T We had lots of fun having you guys around, ya’ll the best πŸ™‚


Of course, we had to eat our food on the floor because we cool like that. We shared some stories and stuff and then Xin Er realised we were so hungry before we got to her place… that we forgot to get our cake x’D, so I traveled back to the mall to get the cake we temporarily abandoned.


When I was back, they were playing Rummy-O, which by the way if you don’t know, I’ve grown to be pretty good from my experience at the senior centre :’) Not to brag or whatever, but okay la I’m very proud of myself because usually me and math don’t walk hand in hand down the aisle. Haha, funny thing was how Fil was so done with her tiles that she (Laugh) cried, we all know the frustration is real when you be taking all them tiles but still can’t get out :’D Sounds just like life, right there.


Both of us got plushies for each other, I think the hamster bear guy resembles Xin Er (or at the very least her personality) and she got me a duck (duh).


Not a fan of blowing candles… can you tell?

This year, Xin Er and I actually tasked each other to buy gifts worth $119. I know it’s a crazy amount of money, given we are just students but oh well, it’s the first year we’re doing this so we learn that we probably don’t need some an enormous budget but it was fun to unwrap all the gifts though, we actually have a video of us unwrapping the presents, but it’s unedited and it’s like 25 minutes long, until I have time to edit that: ;let’s just say Xin Er got me a lot of presents that I absolutely adore: most of which I didn’t even know I wanted. Spoiler alert: I cried because I was touched, she just knew me so well. My gifts on the other hand are underwhelming: I tried to make it up for it though.

So afterwards when it was later, I stayed on to hang with Xin Er and Jing Er. We just played some badminton, talked and the usual chill things we do.


Badly lit photo but at least you know we had fun. Remember what I said about making up to Xin Er? I brought her to the annual book buffet at Pansing building.

Date: 4th to 13th August 2017

Operating hours:
Mon-Fri: 1pm to 6pm
Sat, Sun & PH: 10am to 6pm

Location:Β (same as previous years)
Pansing Building
No. 438 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, Industrial Park 1, Singapore 569619

Price Points:

β€’ 1 for S$8

β€’ 3 for S$20

β€’ Some books at the main hall may have price tags, but those price tags can be ignored.

β€’ Box sale at S$50 each


As you can tell there is a wide selection of books available, and it is one of the best deals Xin Er probably ever had. Oh, did I mention what a huge fan of books my friend is xD She brought home a total of 30 books and paid $25, I paid the other half and took home 5 books (which is still an amazing deal), because I felt bad that my gifts were underwhelming hahaha.


In case you are wondering, they also have academic texts and non-fiction selections available, at the same price point. They have all sorts of payment options so that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about if you are the kind that prefers to go cashless.


You know Xin Er and I always have our “auntie” modes turned on whenever there’s a good deal and this time, our packing skills really through the roof. We got books we actually wanted and managed to pack it to the very brim, neatly with no broken spines. Just how amazing can the powers of being “auntie” be :’) Lucky us indeed.

I’m currently reading Viral (Stories) by Emily Mitchell, a collection of relatable short stories about life in general, so far an okay read, rather insightful at certain points.


Oh yeah and before that, we tried out this hot-desk sharing place called desk next door, the site is literally on their banner so I don’t think I need to link that ya. (LAZY child) Honestly, we only dropped by because it was near Pansing Building, but it turned out to be an extremely conducive place for students and working adults alike to work (alone).


Their packages are really pocket friendly, $3 for 2 hours, that’s like $1.50 per hour, you get access to WIFI :’),your personal charging point :’D, the water dispenser and of course there’s a toilet.

The drinks are also available for cheap, anyway you can check out their little sign in the picture above or their website for more details. Both of us actually managed to finish GP within that two hours, because the place is so quiet, we can’t make noise and distract each other lol. I wouldn’t say it’s the best place to check out if you need to discuss something, but it’s definitely a good place to go (I dare say: one of the most affordable, student friendly places in Singapore) if you need to get things done efficiently and productively. Walao, I’m starting to sound like their spokesperson or something, but you get my point, I’ll definitely drop by again some other time.


Oh yeah and thanks Meetash for dropping by just to give me this cute little duck, you made my day (and my grandma’s too xD).

I might do a little present haul if I have the time, but by then I’m not sure how good the presents will look (especially the food items lol). Nevertheless, I’m so thankful for my friends for giving me so much love and support throughout the past few months. I went haywire for a bit because I’ve lost direction in what I wanted. However, I’m thankful because you guys stayed with me anyway, and brought me back in focus and alignments with my goals, especially Xin Er, like honestly without you, I could have just let myself go already.


#xinsquaredis19 Thanks child. Xinsquared will be okay. We’ll do well for As together yeah πŸ˜€ (Oh my god yes we are such dorks, we ripped off google images royalty clip art, combined a lily and a duck and made it into a logo, then printed it on our matching bags in decathlon… BONUS: We did the designs in one of the tent samples in the stores, I am not ashamed, whatsoever)


Us trying to wish our way to university, of course we wouldn’t stop there. We’ll work hard together and see. Why am I so cheesy?

Bless us.

Have a blessed day guys πŸ™‚





Racial Harmony Day + Tech for Seniors

Hello my friends,


I’m coming back at you with a nice update after concluding my prelim 1s. I know it’s been long since I’ve last blogged properly, but I’m back… for now πŸ˜› It’s Racial Harmony Day, yayy, it’s the last year in a uniformed school setting, so it’s the last chance for me to bug my friends to loan me their traditional costumes too. This year, I’m in modernized style Baju Kurung, courtesy of my friend, Alfilda (Thanks thanks thanks <3)


#OOTD anybody? Haha, this dress is pretty flattering actually so I’m super thankful Fil picked this out to lend it to me, and it’s surprisingly really comfortable too.


Here’s the two curtain sisters side by side πŸ™‚ Fil looks amazing in her dress today, like an Arabian princess haha. Still can’t stop thanking her for lending me le dress, I hope I’ll manage to wash it well and return it to her in one piece :X


Here’s one with one of my greatest pillar of support in school that never fails to believe in me and the things I do. Yuvana looks so pretty in her costume doesn’t she? Haha, she was so worried about her look in the morning, but girl, you gotta know and believe that you’re absolutely beautiful inside out and stop doubting yourself okay!!


So this is basically us around Xin Er, being the ISFJ derps that we are while Xin er becomes our calm mother, haha this is basically a description of our squad in a picture xD


This is our GBC group mate, although we didn’t make it to finals, it was so nice working with him. Haha, thanks for tolerating our silliness throughout the times we worked together Jon (although you’d probably never stumble across my blog) ^^


Here’s one with our favourite awkward boy haha, literally we were joking about how there was a “halal” gap between Xin Er and Meetash, so our friend Jon (another Jon xD), told them to close it up to appear less awkward haha, thus the birth of this much better photo of the 3 of us (a decent one haha).


Yay~ I finally got to take a decent photo with my idol xD The holy guitar god, probably should restrict my fangirling in real life but oh well, since I’m already putting this up on the internet, might as well ^_^


Yas, slay my queen~ we’re like machiam Malay squad though, I have an absolutely embarrassing version of this photo but because it’s only me, let’s just leave this as it is πŸ™‚

Of course, my selfies with Xin Er, my buddy that does literally almost everything with me from studying to volunteering to acting like we’re in the club, when we’re actually in Miniso. Thanks for sticking by me, especially the past 7 months, things have been tough, but the past 3 years in MI was made bearable and sometimes even enjoyable because you’re here suffering with me (hahaha).


I know this is supposed to Racial Harmony Day but I ended up doing a long appreciation commentary instead, I guess that works too xD We actually got so caught up taking pictures with everyone that we missed our LIT consultation slot, lol, we’re so sorry cher T_T Butttt she was really nice, she knew that we needed to rush to volunteer today so she let us leave.


The reason why we had to rush over was because there was an event at the centre today. The Ngee Ann Polytechnic students came over to set up a cool tech fair for the Aunties and Uncles to learn how to use the app store, mainly Uber and Ubereats.


There was a photo booth, games stations and a bookmark (flower pressing) booth, and If I am not wrong, this event was actually supported by the RC. πŸ™‚ These pretty bookmarks you see above are designed by the seniors and the student crew/helpers actually laminated and cut them out.


The aunties would often tell me that they are not good at certain things and learn slow, but honestly, what touches my heart most is their willingness to try new things out. Of course, as the younger generation, we should show them some encouragement and help them out whenever needed. Empowering them to learn and pick up new skills is really that simple, often times when they bring themselves down, it breaks my heart because I know they can do so much more. When they become willing to try things out for themselves, it just warms my heart to know that they are slowly building up their confidence again πŸ™‚


The polaroid we got from the photo booth haha, I didn’t manage to take many photos with many aunties because I was low key over seeing how the things are managed over at the event. The student helpers were very respectful and patient and I can tell that the seniors are very excited that a bunch of warm hearted young ones are working hard to hold this event for them. So I really wanted to thank them properly but because it was getting late, I didn’t get the chance to: lets hope that if any of them stumble across this post, THANK YALL SO SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING~

It was a long day but also one that is very fulfilling and meaningful πŸ™‚ I look forward to creating more memories like these again~

That’s all for now!




Plank Painting


I know the title is very underwhelming but I promise you I had lots of fun painting anyway. So last week Yang told us to come over to help out with some paint jobs, we were kind of puzzled because the centre is rather new, and is definitely not in need of any renovation. Of course, we obliged without any questions regardless. Turns out, we’re actually painting some wooden planks that will be on display in various community clubs for the upcoming National Day exhibition.


On Monday, Xin er and I were tasked to draw out the characters representing the different ethnicity and occupations in Singapore. We drew a total of 26 characters in the span of 3 hours. Yes free hand magic, if some of the characters are weird looking, its either because we’ve ran out of ideas or the fact that the two of us are horrible when it comes to drawing. We tried our best! Since we actually had to rush for the deadline.


Yang actually prepared some of these examples for us to follow but because we needed to draw a total of 26 characters in total, we eventually came up with our own wacky designs.


Meanwhile, the aunties are tasked to design 35 planks with various patterns and colours. Unlike the reckless and wacky children that we are, the aunties were very serious and meticulous with their tasks, even though they had more planks to design and finish.


On Wednesday, the aunties finished their 35 pattern planks so all of us moved onto painting the characters. The thing is it is actually more difficult to paint the characters since there are more details and there is no fixed colour scheme to each piece. So the aunties were actually worried that they would get the colours wrong and stuff, which we assured them it is okay and they can use express themselves with the colours that that choose to use.


As you can see, the aunties actually work together for each plank and there are two sides to each plank. The drying process is the time where they can actually even take a break. It really warms my heart to see them put in so much effort in whatever task they are given, without complaints.


Haha, this is a ‘candid’ shot because I kept bugging them to smile as they painted. Then they’re like “then it’s not candid anymore more mah” hahaha. But it turned out so pretty didn’t it? The two of us helped out with painting the characters we drew, if you see characters with big square-ish anime eyes, the artist is Xin Er, if anything else, I drew it. I don’t have a fixed style because honestly, 80% of the time I rushed through my designs.


HAHAHAHA, I DREW THIS LADY. Yes she’s a lady okay. The thing is we actually had to draw characters on the same plank (both sides) with the same gender. I forgot about it and I drew a Chinese uncle behind my school girl so I had to make some amendments such as changing his pants to a skirt and fill in longer hair xD So the results became a veryΒ sheepish looking auntie-uncle person.


When I said I came up with wacky designs, I’m not joking. These two are my prominent masterpieces. The most beautiful Miss Singapore you’ve ever seen (I actually tried to make her pretty T_T) and the uncle you see chilling in the void deck every morning with his kopi O in a them condensed milk cans. You’re welcome my friends πŸ˜‰


HOWEVER, NOTHING CAN COMPARE TO MY MUTHU SIAHMI. This is the name we gave to my masterpiece-boyfriend-national player-hot-ladykiller. LOL. Xin Er captioned this “When your friend is excited about her masterpiece”. Honestly I thought Muthu is my best piece of work.


We managed to finish up all the planks on Friday so we had cake to celebrate hahaha. No JK the pandan cake was just there, so it’s a sweet reward for all of us. Although it was slightly rushed, I enjoyed the process of working with the aunties. Their working attitude is honestly A+ πŸ˜€


Though I’m kind of sad I have to part with Muthu, but you know what? Wendy, our SWA, told me I can do some sort of a treasure hunt where I go to visit the various CCs to be reunited with Muthu hahahaha, and you know what? I think I will actually πŸ˜€ Let’s see if I’ll ever meet my bae again hahaha.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading ^_^



Been studying for Literature a lot (in some secluded starbucks haha) , I think I fell in love with literature, especially the individual and society paper.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what exactly I want for myself. I’ve been living my life the most practical way possible for the most part of my life. Sometimes, it feels like there aren’t any options for me, or at least options that fit into my values and beliefs. As much as I want to be free and then find whatever purpose in life I’m supposed to be heading after, I can’t drop everything I have and am now. People have expectations of, just as much as I have for myself. I do wonder if what I want is my own genuine emotions speaking or what I am expected to want, in order to survive…?

There are things in the past I can’t change, many decisions that could have been better made. However, I cannot imagine what I’ll become without the challenges and obstacles that I overcame that got me to where I am now. Honestly, I’m not even close to being satisfied with what I am. I can be a much better person, and instead of dwelling on the opportunities I’ve missed, I want to grab hold of opportunities that come my way in the present. Even if I could eventually run out of offered opportunities, I want to search for more, so I can find my purpose and place.

Wanting to belong is not wrong or silly, it’s human nature (in my opinion). I’ll make the most out of where I am and what I have, for now, that is my purpose.

What happened?

A lot of people have been asking my poor friend what happened to me. I can’t give ya’ll the details but let me break down my side of the story for ya very briefly. My good friend and I are in charge of a project in school, in collaboration with another school. I was accused for something I did not do, and knowing me: I would never do. Like literally all my close friends find the accusations more ridiculous than if I were made to run with chihuahuas without freaking out.

Also, judging from my previous blog posts the past month or so, you can probably figure out I am not going through a good time, nah, to put it bluntly: I’m beyond exhausted. So this whole thing was uncalled for because should they have opinions or constructive feedback, they should have said so in front of everyone else (fun fact: it’s better than pulling an anxious child aside when the entire school is having club activities you see), and on the spot instead of dragging and causing all that confusion. Oh and yes, I’d appreciate if people were to come to me if they have problems with me, rather than asking someone else that saw nothing to confront me alone, because that’s just the most intelligent way of communication now, isn’t it? πŸ˜€

Of course, when the verdict is out, it’s my fault because… of my condition. I’m so used to people using my condition as an excuse for everything that I’m over it. Just done. Of course now that I’ve simmered down, I don’t feel like it’s the end of the world anymore. The past week was rough and it still is.

The feelings of betrayal and exhaustion got me. So that’s what happened. Is the issue solved? Yeah, because I understand that there is no point pursuing anything if the answer I get is “depression is the answer to everything”. Feels great don’t it?

I guess you got to move forward in life because if I don’t, I probably won’t see the sunset tomorrow now, won’t I?

When people in your life throws accusations at you, suck it up because it’s your fault.

JK, reflect on what you could have done better and move on because you can’t control what stupid things another person says or does. I’ll take this time to recover, to relax and hopefully lift myself out of exhaustion so that I can better control myself if things like that happen again (I pray to all gods, no, please).

I’m fine, to those of you who are asking. Thanks.

Half empty? Half full?

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and planning lately. There has been a lot of things happening in life recently and I find myself triggered, very easily.

Image result for depressed spongebob
accurate, tooooo accurate.

I for the first time, allowed myself to break down in front of everyone else. I guess everyone knew, and so they were ‘used to it’. I could tell that they tried to be gentle towards me afterwards, and that is more than enough for me. Considering people I used to know said really nasty things to me when I broke down, this was very comforting and I felt like I have no need to conceal something that has already been exposed anymore. I remember being laughed at and talked about (badly) back in the days but I guess the people around me now are way more mature.

Image result for blanche quotes streetcar
For those of you who don’t know, I’m a Lit Student and if you asked me what struck me the most throughout the past 3 years, it’s this quote right here.

Even though I allowed myself to let go for the past week but I do decide to not do it again because honestly, it is emotionally straining for myself. I guess my lost of control is due to the stress I’ve been under lately after the whole influenza fiasco from the March Holidays. I felt like I lost like a whole week of my life and my system was ruined, for a person that really depends on control in my own life to feel secure: this is giving me all sorts of anxiety.

Throughout this whole issue, I learnt to make decisions based on my own well being rather than peer pressure. It is not that I do not respect our friendship but rather, sometimes in life, reckless decisions may lead to consequences that we shouldn’t take our chances on. I took this weekend to reflect on the past couple of weeks and to be honest, I’m still feeling down about the lost time.

Image result for its okay not to be okay

Well, my mother always says to me “Don’t cry over spilled milk” and I’ve never believed in that. (Sorry mummy.) I just believe that people need time to recover from lost, we have emotions for a reason. However, I do understand that I am taking way too long to grieve considering it’s been half a month since that whole fiasco dropped on me. Of course, because of that one incident, a lot of things followed and I’ve had more panic attacks the past two weeks than in the past two months. So you can imagine my frustrations and the recurring emotions that I find hard to escape from. I’ve tried my best to cope and I even forced myself to face things I usually do not, in order to focus, but it feels like the harder I try, the harder I fall.

Image result for cute duckling gif
Me trying to win life like

No, I’m not giving up, not yet. This is not easy and I don’t think it will be anytime soon, but I feel that the harder you work for something, the more meaningful the results (positive or not) will be to you in the end. No matter how this turns out, I felt that I gained something and that is: will. I have difficulties focusing compared to the rest because I’m always splitting my attention among things at a time. I’m not multi-tasking because I don’t give my 100% to all things: this, I admit I’ve got to master. However, I guess because of how I am, I tend to value things like efficiency and opportunities.

I know this cheesy but sometimes when we are upset, we see the glass half-empty and that is completely fine. I do believe that our perspectives are influenced based on our moods, but what’s important is that by the end of the day, you’d look at the glass in both perspectives to strike a balance.

Wow, I’ve been rambling for way too many minutes. So that is all.

Thanks for reading.




Quick Announcement before the actual post.

I need a break from social media guys, it feels like my life has been surrounding just what others are doing instead of me living in the moment. I miss the important things in life, trying to search for the important things through looking at other’s lives. It doesn’t make sense doesn’t it, but I am very guilty of this ridiculousness, as a result, I’ve decided to not look at social media for at least 7 days, that means no snapchat, twitter, tumblr, instagram etc. Thanks for hearing me out~

Here’s the main point of this post…

So this event is actually aimed towards seniors aged 50 and above and as some of you may know, I currently volunteer at a senior activity centre. The centre was invited to set up a booth along side many other non-profit organisations in an effort to promote active living for the seniors in their prime in Singapore.


So this is our booth, I’m sorry for the horrible lighting but this is the best picture I managed to take with the booth alone. We had a nice space and we displayed the beautiful works of our lovely seniors which attracted a lot of attention from onlookers.


We also set up a table for a mini demonstration session with one of our seniors, who as you can see if very talented when it comes to handicraft. I myself really enjoy doing handicrafts like this and I pick up a new skill over the pass two days. The auntie simply calls this “hooking yarn” but I believe there is a term for it, is this called crocheting? I am not very sure but do enlighten me if you guys have any idea, thanks! Auntie told me each of these took at least a month to complete, because it’s a massive piece. The paitience game when it comes to pieces like these must definitely be strong, perhaps I should try making one of these myself during my Social Media Detox.


These are some of the beautiful art pieces and handicraft bits that were on display. Many people actually showed interest in the beading sessions and I can actually sense a huge market on handicraft courses from the seniors at the convention. They literally lit up when I mentioned the courses are provided free because the teachers are volunteers like myself. Of course others were cynical about this piece of information but the delight in their faces from their subconscious is just adorable xD


This cute little towel puppy is my favourite craft piece on display. It’s very easy to make, tying thread onto the towel, adding felt ears and googly eyes. Simple yet really cute, and I mean on a hot day you can unroll this little guy if you want. It’s an extremely affordable and creative novelty gift if you’d ask me πŸ™‚

Talking about handicrafts and what not, I recently upcycled one of my old files and made myself a PVC leather wallet. You can check out my post on Crafty Amino if you’d like πŸ™‚ Links on the header bar above!

As usual, events like these really helped me when it comes to interacting with others, especially the people who I am interested in helping. I got to meet a lot of friendly faces and even picked up a new handicraft skill on the way: win-win situation right there. I guess that’s all for now, I’ll see you when I see you… in a couple of weeks maybe.

Thanks for reading guys πŸ™‚



Image result for The lonely become either thoughtful or empty.

You can tell from the title, this is not my everyday life kind of post. Rather, it’s just a little reflection about life in general. I have been struggling with control and emotion for the past 5 to 7 years of my life. Given that I will only turn 19 this year, it goes to show how much of my teenage life my condition has attempted to destroy. If anyone asked me when did this condition start to grow in me: I honestly don’t know. Perhaps it’s the lack of gratefulness I possess for the things I have in life or maybe, I’m just out of my mind. I’d like to say it’s that simple, because many things in our lives are not within our control and thus the saying “life is not a bed of roses”. I’d like to say it is a bed of roses because sometimes the thorns gets stuck in my skin, and they leave scars.

I would say that I am one of the fortunate ones, born in an economically stable country with world class facilities and what not: I should really be kissing the skies and the earth for what I have yet all I feel is an indescribable emptiness inside of me. I mean what else can I ask for? I have parents who care about me, perhaps the very conventional Asian way but still, I know that they love and care for me. I have friends who are supportive of me. I have a purpose in life to fulfill and yet all I ever think of myself as is an empty jar without a lid.

I remind myself to be grateful every single day in my life, I put those inspirational posters in my room, I doodle them in my journal, I listen to chirpy songs but it all seems so artificial sometimes like something is missing. What is it that I do not have that I yearn for so much? Why can’t I just be contended with what I have? What is wrong with me?

These are the things that I constantly ask myself every single day. I don’t need an answer to live on but I want one to live for. This emptiness is the lack of understanding of myself? The unwillingness to reflect on my flaws? Or perhaps just a simple old first world problem? I feel ungrateful although I am grateful towards the things that I have and the people around me who love me for who I am.

I can be smiling, laughing and joking but I know that these feelings are lingering around what’s on the outside. I’ve always wondered why do I feel so empty and lonely. Then I realised, all I want is for someone to understand me. I know that it is a lot to ask for, because even I, don’t understand myself. I always told myself that I don’t need validation from others to survive, I don’t need the credits to live on, I just need to empower myself from within: I am my own motivation. All of that is good on paper but the human heart is beyond self-empowerment.

I am an introvert so I never thought that I’d need someone else to make me feel empowered and loved. I do enjoy spending a lot of my time alone but I still require some sort of understanding and attention from those around me, yet sometimes I don’t feel like looking at anybody. This ironic self-deprivation of love and emotions built up over the past few years and I only find myself trapped even deeper in my own walls. Perhaps I’ve always wanted someone to save me from what I built myself, even though I know that I could jolly well break down the walls on my own.

My inner conflicts confuse me, and I just lose myself in these thoughts sometimes. I’ve read stories about conflicting thoughts but I could never relate to them. Perhaps after all of what I said, I just want to know that I am not alone.



Senior Student Knowledge Exchange Day


Last Wednesday, Xin Er and I brought our CCA over to REACH Senior Centre to carry out our annual Senior-Student Knowledge Exchange Day. This year, we prepared a variety of first aid skills for the seniors while the seniors prepared a surprise 3 part craft session for us. This one day event took about 3 weeks to prepare, and I’m more than elated to say that it was a success, and the reaction was definitely warm on both sides. It makes all the running about and sleepless nights worth the miles.

So a little back story about how this event came about…

2016 VIA DAY/ 15A4

Last year, we planned a similar knowledge exchange day during my school’s VIA Day, however that is only for my class alone. After returning to the centre a few weeks back to begin volunteering again, the plans of another knowledge exchange day was picked up. I was super excited to start planning for such a meaningful event again because this idea originated when I was planning last year’s VIA Day, and the seniors really enjoyed themselves. So my P.E in charge told me that they would love to have another one of these events. Since this year the VIA day’s theme for my year is no longer elderly, I proposed to bring my CCA members over to carry out this event instead. Well, in case you guys didn’t know, I’m actually a project director for my CCA along with Xin Er so pitching this idea to the club was actually not a huge hassle at all. The approval was also quick since we have been volunteering with reach for almost two years. With the immense support coming from the centre (Thank You Joseph, Yang and Stella!) and my members, we managed to carry out the event on the 1st of March.


We didn’t take a lot of photos while we were carrying out first aid lessons, but we did take some selfies during the tea break for both the students and seniors. Hahaha, my two lovely aunties are really into taking snow selfies with me, and yes, they have the app on their own phones too xD


Another adorable groupie with these two, both of them are enthusiastic during my lesson on treating scalds. I’m always animated around them because it’s fun to just joke around with them, they’re super bright and friendly as always. They even joked about applying all sorts of sauces and even butter to treat a burn: dear jesus, do not do that! HAHAHA All in all, they were super active in participation during the demos where they have to pair up with our students and try out the first aid techniques.


I know this is not the most glamourous shot (or is it) of us but all of us had a good laugh. Can you see Elise behind me just getting so hyped about this “siaozabor”filter. Yang said he’d put this up on the screen display in the centre xD hahaha I hope he’s joking though because oh my godd imageee please. As I am typing now, I’m still laughing away at the things that aunties said about this fabulous piece of art that is “us”.


Here is Madam Wong explaining to us the origins of the Maui Toe Weaving technique she learnt from New Zealand. Its a really cool skill to pick up for the seniors because it’s useful when it’s hung on their keys, it will be easier for them to search for things since they can choose to colour code their designs. Xin er and I got hooked onto this and we actually went out to get more yarn on our own to make more of these.


These were the first couple of attempts for the both of us, like what Mdm Wong said, if you don’t always have to use your toes though, a friend will work just fine xD It’s actually really therapeutic, according to our teacher in charge, who always joined us in making her own pretty designs.


She’s so adorable right? Thank you cher for being so supportive in the carrying out of this event and I’m glad you enjoyed yourself too.


Behold, this is the 5 strand pattern that Xin Er (and techically me, cuz im da toe to her weave) made for me. We just went opposite our school to get some yarn for cheap and just began weaving, it’s so funny how something as simple as an activity like weaving can bring so many people together.


The other team of children learnt how to make little grasshoppers out of actual leaves but I’m not good with identifying the type of leaves x’D We did not have enough time for all of us to visit each station of activity but I’m pretty sure all of us enjoyed ourselves because I can see a lot of my members busy making the crafts taught by the friendly seniors.


Last station is the classic plastic roses which the students (from the exco) actually made plenty of pretty roses as seen from the first image in this post. My class actually learnt this last year during our VIA day taught by the same auntie. She’s very meticulous when it comes to handicrafts and it was really nice learning from her.


This is from last year, I learnt how to make those pretty plastic roses too… but I was absolutely horrible at making them. HAHAHA, I had loads of fun though soo~ I guess a lot of things in life is about practice and experiences. I think given the chance now, I’d probably do better. Hopefully xD


At the end of the session, we had an exchange of tokens of appreciation. Pictured are the aunties who taught us crafts, our PEs, US and our teacher.


I couldn’t find the group photo with the entire club in it but this adorable groupie photobombed by yang works as well xD I really had a lot of fun on the day itself. Sure, the planning process was a little taxing, given I was already working on an upcoming project. However, the outcome of the event was definitely worth it. The seniors were smiling in the company of my members. Both sides picked up skills from each other and it’s just an amazing exchange of not just knowledge but actual mutual concern. That’s what I love the most about this event. Instead of only serving the community or believing we’re only there for the sake of mindless serving, I can actually see compassion and concern from both sides. The magic of human relations is rather simple, perhaps the seniors will forget the names of the students and the students may not even know the names of all of the seniors but during that day itself, the memories and laughter that filled the centre, the cosy and warm atmosphere is 100% genuine. For that, I am extremely thankful that the project was picked up again. Hopefully, I will be able to carry out a programme like this again when I’m in University, with a new group of people, with different experiences to share with the seniors.


Special dedication to my girl Xin Er for sticking by me during all the projects we’ve worked together on, for all the times you came to volunteer with me and take care of the ever so clumsy Ke Xin. This is so cliche and cheesy but I couldn’t have done all of this alone πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading and have a blessed week ahead!

An Introvert’s Chinese New Year



No I won’t be blogging much about Chinese New Year because I didn’t take a lot of pictures. 80% time I was either hiding off somewhere to get some fresh air or playing with my nephews. The rest of the time is spent on noming or collecting red packets. So yes, it’s just an average introvert’s Chinese New Year.


Well, I’m not exactly shy around my relatives but sometimes the amount of people on my mother’s side … you know my social battery really drains quickly. I don’t mean any offence though, rather, I accept it’s my way of dealing with social situations that require some adjustments.

Having that said, I took some time off over the weekends to recharge. During the spring cleaning season, I threw out a lot of things from my room. I’ve decided to start properly organising my things. So I started with my jewelry and mini trinkets : since I have a few pieces I often wear.


So this is what it looks like, I apologise for the fabulous quality, my note 3 is getting old haha.


Also, I went out with Reuel on CHU ER (second day of CNY) to get the supplies I need for my DIY and just to have a quick catch up. The upcoming month is a busy one for me, so I won’t expect to see this one, most probably until March.


We had Swensons which took up most of the time we’re there. We did order main dishes but I didn’t get decent enough pictures of them, so that’s all I’m posting.


I have to go back to planning the upcoming month and also revise as much as I can before school reopens on Wednesday. Time flies when you’re procrastinating but when you’re working on something, each minute slows down because you’re using it to the fullest.

That’s all for now.